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Literacy homework due Wednesday 21st April 2010

This homework project is to be completed in groups of 2 or 3 and is due the first Wednesday after the holidays. You need to get organised and work together, perhaps splitting up the project into separate tasks and then putting it together at the end. You can present the project as a poster, model, dramatic sketch (with full script, props etc), project file or presentation (e.g. google docs). The project can be based on any of these themes:

Women in WW2, Weapons of WW2, WW2 in Asia, D-Day, WW2 leaders.

I have decided to do the topic Women in WW2 - see my homework here

Geography homework due Friday 14th December 2012

Year 9 Volcano Research Project

1. A map and description of where the volcano is. Describe what the place is like (e.g. climate, population size, wealth).

2. Explain why the volcano erupted - for example which plate movements caused it and how.

3. The long and short term effects of the eruption.

4. Reasons for the amount of damage and destruction that occurred.

5. What was done to help the people affected by the eruption.

6. What could be done in the future to protect the area from future eruptions.

7. A list of the books/ internet sites/ sources you used to find information.

I have chosen to focus on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD and the destruction of Pompeii. I have recently returned from visiting the area and saw Mount Vesuvius and went to the ruins of Pompeii.

see my homework here